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AWS Automation Cookbook

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Automate release processes, deployment, and continuous integration of your application and delve into infrastructure automation with AWS

Key Features

  • Boost your infrastructure's productivity by implementing a continuous delivery pipeline within your environment
  • Use AWS and Jenkins 2.0 for complete application deployment on Linux servers
  • Learn how to minimize application deployment downtime with the help of detailed recipes

Book Description

To deliver tremendous speed and agility, organizations are now moving toward automating their entire application pipeline. AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild, and CodePipeline are scalable services offered by AWS to automate an application's build and deployment pipelines. This book covers all the Amazon Web Services that you need to automate deployment to your instances.

You'll begin by setting up and using CodeCommit, an automation service from AWS, and learn how to build a sample Maven and Node.js application using CodeBuild. The book will then show you how to use CodeDeploy to deploy the application in EC2/Auto Scaling. You'll also build a highly scalable and fault tolerant continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipeline with the help of easy-to-follow recipes. As you advance, you'll understand how to achieve CI/CD for a microservice application to increase productivity and reduce system downtime and human errors. The book will also help you set up an infrastructure using CloudFormation templates and Ansible, and automate AWS resources using AWS Lambda. Finally, you'll automate instances in AWS and the deployment life cycle of applications.

By the end of this AWS book, you'll have complete control over your software development life cycle and be able to minimize application downtime by implementing CI/CD.

What You Will Learn

  • Build a sample Maven and Node.js application using CodeBuild
  • Deploy applications in EC2/Auto Scaling and integrate CodePipeline with AWS
  • Build a highly scalable and fault tolerant CI/CD pipeline
  • Automate the provisioning of your infrastructure using CloudFormation and Ansible
  • Use AWS Lambda to automate everyday tasks and audit compliance
  • Deploy microservice applications on Kubernetes using Jenkins Pipeline 2.0

Who this book is for

If you're a developer or system administrator responsible for hosting applications and managing instances in AWS, this book is for you. DevOps engineers interested in continuous integration, deployment, and delivery will also find this book useful. A basic understanding of AWS, Jenkins, and some scripting knowledge is assumed.

Table of Contents

  1. Using AWS CodeCommit
  2. Building an Application using CodeBuild
  3. Deploying an Application using CodeDeploy & CodePipeline
  4. Building Scalable and Fault-Tolerant CI/CD Pipeline
  5. Understanding Microservices and ECS
  6. Continuous Deployment to ECS Using Developer Tools and CloudFormation
  7. IaC Using CloudFormation and Ansible
  8. Automating AWS Resource Control Using AWS Lambda
  9. Microservice Applications in Kubernetes Using Jenkins Pipeline 2.0
  10. Best Practices and Troubleshooting Tips